Great Places To Stop In Cape Canaveral, FL

Great Places To Stop In Cape Canaveral, FL

Cape Canaveral, FL makes for a fantastic stop if you’re going to be in Florida sometime soon. Orlando may be great, but the state has plenty more to offer! From plenty of activities, historical sites, and even gorgeous beaches, this particular area makes for a fun time across the board. Here are just a few of the best places to stop by once you’ve arrived:

1 – The Kennedy Space Center

First and foremost, how could you turn down the chance to visit the Kennedy Space Center? This is undoubtedly what put Cape Canaveral on the map, as far as world wide recognition goes. If you plan your trip accordingly, you might even be able to see a space rocket launch live. They also have an amazing museum that’s absolute heaven for anyone interested in the NASA space program, astronauts, and astronomy in general. There are a wealth of shuttles, rockets, and other memorabilia that will leave you with your mouth agape if this sort of thing has always struck your fancy.

2 – Exploration Tower

Exploration Tower is a great place to learn about the history of the area. You can receive a crash course in the culture, flora, fauna, and so on. There are plenty of observation decks with amazing views spread throughout the seven-floor structure. The exterior is also a unique design that feels very modern, even futuristic. The atmosphere is a great marriage of appreciating the surrounding land and also the forward thinking mindset that pervades Cape Canaveral. There are plenty of galleries, hands-on exhibits, and even a great cafe to enjoy here.

3 – Manatee Sanctuary Park

The Manatee Sanctuary Park located along the Banana River is comprised of ten acres of land and beautiful water that offers a one of a kind personal look at the titular stars of the show. There’s even a nice covered boardwalk, and plenty of space to sit down with a picnic with your family members or date. If nothing else, you’ll be sure to have a truly unique selfie on your social media sites if you manage to snap a shot with a live manatee behind you!

4 – Space Coast Segway Tours

Finally, if you’re around Mullet Road, stop by and take a Segway tour along the coast. These goofy machines are a whole lot more fun than you might think!

Author: Armando Parsons